Clos CheValle Homeowners Association

Clos CheValle Committees

Architectural Design Committee

Chair -  Larry Peabody, Clos CheValle resident
Jenn Norman, Clos CheValle resident

​Joe Ahl, Clos CheValle resident

The Architectural Design Committee is responsible
to ensure that all new residential construction and
​exterior remodel projects meet the Clos CheValle Protective Covenants and the Architectural and Landscape Design Guidelines, established by the Board.  

Property Owners are required to submit a Design Submittal package to the Committee for review and approval of architectural, site development and landscaping plans.  Approval must be obtained prior to the commencement of construction.  Periodically, the Architectural Design Committee or other Board members will review construction progress to ensure conformance with the plans approved and to ensure that contractors are operating within Clos CheValle's General Rules for all Contractors & Service Personnel.


Facilities Committee
Chair – Bart Harmeling, Clos CheValle resident

Pam Ahl, Clos CheValle resident

​Doug Gibson, Clos CheValle resident

The Facilities Committee manages Clos CheValle
property assets (mailboxes, gates, signage, roads
and trails, etc).  In that role, Bart Harmeling is the
contact ​person for issuing gate openers and mail box
keys to ​Property Owners requesting those items.  The ​Facilities Committee is also Clos CheValle’s primary contact with its landscape maintenance and property management company that provides services to Clos CheValle.  

Finance Committee
Chair - Lew White, HOA Treasurer, Clos CheValle

​Randi Burchett, Clos CheValle resident

The Finance Committee prepares and maintains
all ​Clos CheValle financial records.  It also
manages ​the HOA's finances, including its accounts ​receivable and payable.

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